Wairua o Te Aroha Health was founded in 2018 by Homeopath Crystal Clark Dip Hom RCHom.

Crystal has a Diploma in Homeopathy, specialising in human health, and is a member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths. She has had a long journey with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, spanning 24 years and 4 major surgeries, which allows her to have an in-depth understanding of the condition.

Kiwi Agrohomeopathy was launched in 2024. It’s a natural, sustainable, cost-effective way of treating plants and soil. There are no nasty chemicals, just the power of homeopathy. The remedies are designed for New Zealand plants and to be kind to the environment. They are simple to use, cost-effective, and sustainable. You can use the remedies with basic knowledge of homeopathy.

We are NZ-owned and operated, making every remedy by hand with love. All remedies have a 5-year expiration date.